Treatments for men

We are offering a range of treatments specifically designed and custom-made for our male clients.

Express Facial

A basic facial which includes cleansing, toning and a mask application customised to your individual skin type. Excellent boost to refresh and revitalise your skin!

50 min £52.00

Executive Facial

This luxurious tailor-made cleansing, detoxifying and anti-ageing facial will leave your skin soft and invigorated. A stimulating scalp massage is also used to aid circulation and alleviate tension.

75 min £74.00

Sports Therapy Massage

This powerful massage is recommended for physically active men, alleviating aches and pains in addition to keeping the muscles supple.

1hr £64.00

Swedish Massage

Medium to firm pressure is used to soothe away the physical and mental tension. Blood circulation is stimulated and toxins removed. Highly recommended if you need to unwind!

1hr £62.00

Deep Tissue Massage

Combining manual muscle stretching along with deep therapeutic massage and joint mobilisation, this body-work treatment improves posture, reduces muscular pain and renews energy.

1hr £64.00

Executive Manicure

Wonderfully relaxing nail and hand treatment which will make your hands looking
their best!£25.00

Executive Pedicure

Every man can do with this relaxing leg and foot treatment. We use specially selected products for softer and smoother feet with perfectly groomed toenails. £32.00

Back or Chest Waxing