Holistic and complementary therapies

Many health challenges can be treated effectively with complementary medical therapies. Our highly qualified and experienced practitioners offer advice, support and treatments within a professional environment.


An ancient Japanese form of hands-on healing to balance the mind, body, emotions and spirit. Highly effective in releasing stress and increasing your awareness. This is a safe, relaxing and gentle treatment that heals at the deepest emotional and spiritual level.

1hr £60.00

La Stone Therapy


warmed volcanic stones are used to massage away life’s tensions, eradicate toxins and increase circulation, assisting your body’s self-healing powers. Harnessing the touch of lava stones and the influence of heat creates an aura of warmth and deep relaxation.

1hr 30 min £98.00

Ayurvedic Head and Neck Massage

Experience the wonderful sensation of head, neck and shoulders massage which promotes physical and psychological well-being. It will leave you with a feeling of tranquillity!

30 min £44.00

Ayurvedic Detoxifier

Based on the renowned ancient healing philosophy, this indulgent treatment incorporates warm, healing oils, Marma points massage and Chakra balancing to create a feeling of wellbeing and serenity.

1hr £62.00