Back To Energy Body Treatment

This treatment focuses on the desire for overall well-being, to counteract the stresses and strains of modern life. Black soap will be used to exfoliate and smooth your skin, whilst the aromatic oils revitalise the mind, body and spirit. A stimulating body massage will leave you feeling invigorated.
90 min £88.00

Fennel Cleansing Cellulite Therapy

Specialist lymph drainage massage techniques are used on the hips and thighs, working at the deepest level to flush toxins and improve poor circulation. This treatment helps to boost blood flow and drain away fluid, leaving your skin firmer and smoother.

30 min £37.00

G5 Anti Cellulite Massage

This powerful mechanical massage tool is successfully used for detoxifying and elimination of cellulite.

30 min £37.00

Detoxifying Back Treatment

Your back will benefit from this great treatment. After the deep cleansing and exfoliation, the back is covered with warm mask. You will enjoy a deeply sedating scalp massage, get all the benefits of a facial for the back, and your muscles will be soothed and relaxed.

45min £45.00

LipoFirm Wrap™

LipoFirm Wrap™ is a highly effective fat cell reduction treatment. It works by breaking down the fat cells and aiding the body in transporting released Triglycerides through the body’s natural selective waste processes, allowing the contents of the fat cell to be naturally eliminated from the body. Being bio active, LipoFirm Wrap™ is highly effective when used with heat blanket. Once applied LipoFirm Wrap™ will continue to work for 72 hours further increasing results to aid in fat cell disposal from the body.

60min £64.00

Course of 6 £320